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MMMM Kristina Amiraslani, CLC, CBE

While her career may have originally been founded in numbers as a CPA, that was not the only path Kristina felt drawn to when she was pregnant with her first child. As a displaced hippy, Kristina found herself deeply troubled when she learned about the problems surrounding disposable diapers and the environment. That was just the first step to her new path as co-owner of The Changing Table.

Kristina desires to empower all parents and provide resources to them so they can accomplish their goals with their children. An empathetic soul, she touches the life of everyone she interacts with. She truly loves to help others and
spends much of her time teaching parents about different ways to lessen their families' environmental footprint. She is also a very firm believer in the need for caregivers to trust their intuition in their parenting journey. One of her biggest goals is to help caregivers be able to get back to basics by increasing knowledge and acceptance of family bonding, breastfeeding, and babywearing.

Kristina's heart to help others led her to become a Certified Lactation Counselor. She is available by appointment to help new moms establish breastfeeding relationships with their babies. And true to her open approach, there is no question too "out there" or "off-topic" for Kristina.

Kristina not only loves helping new parents, she also gives back to her community with her talents. She serves on the Board of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Institutional Review Board and is Secretary and Treasurer of Babywearing International of Oklahoma City.

Kristina has had a lifelong affair with the cinema and is a self-proclaimed cinephile that loves the magic of a dark room and a well-told story unfolding on the screen. As a mother of two, she now spends most of her time geeking out with her son over Star Wars or playing dolls with her daughter. Even though she was born in Razorback territory she gradulated from Oklahoma State University and can often be seen in the store decked out in orange.

Elizabeth Pilgrim, CPA, CBE, CBE

Elizabeth (Liz) lives life on the go. Not only is she co-owner of The Changing Table and mother of three but she is also a wife to a Major in the Air Force Guard. Liz started her career out as a CPA, but like many working moms, her priorities gradually shifted as her family grew.

Liz did not use cloth diapers with her eldest child; however, she found her way into this world because her daughter had severe diaper rash from the chemicals in disposables. The desire and need to find a better alternative for her children led her to cloth diapers and ignited a passion to pass this information on to other parents so they could learn about alternatives to mainstream practices.

Liz's passion for cloth diaper
led her to join the Real Diaper Association a collective national non-profit organization in which parents and small businesses take the lead in creating a cultural shift to increase the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers. She soon became a Real Diaper Circle Leader and is now on the Board of Directors for the organization as Treasurer.

A love for the environment and animals also lead Liz to become a vegetarian in 1991 (way before it was cool). Liz faced criticism when she chose to exclusively breastfeed her babies as a vegetarian. She chose to harness that negativity into good when she became a Certified Breastfeeding Educator. Now she has the knowledge and skills to offer evidence based prenatal education to parents and is a plethora of information on all things related to infant feeding.

Something else Liz did to help other moms learn more about the holistic approach to mothering is to become a Certified Babywearing Educator. Because of this she is able to offer both prenatal and post-natal babywearing education.

Any free time Liz has left is spent facilitating her children's extracurricular activities, reading classic literature, traveling and indulging in a glass of wine and a good movie. She loves to spend time with her husband at local events and shops and feels right at home in the Plaza District being an Alumnae of the neighboring Oklahoma City University.

Laura Nichols

Laura is a former military transplant from Virginia. Laura has three beautiful children and an amazing husband who supports and sometimes even encourages her desire to make everything around her beautiful. Laura is old school with her diapering choices and used primarily prefolds and covers with her babies. Her minimalist attitude keeps us on our toes, but in a great way. As an interior designer, Laura has a keen sense of proportion and is responsible for both the design of the store and the displays within. If you come in and something isn’t in the same place it was last time you stopped by, chances are Laura has been busy at work keeping the store fresh and interesting.

Laura spends her free time preparing freezer meals, reading novels, redecorating her house (and countless others), and occasionally indulging in some trash TV with her girlfriends. Laura is that super-mom that we all just sit back and wonder how she does it all. The great thing is she will share her secrets, it’s just up to you if you implement them.

Heather Scott

Heather is a native Okie and mom to Master P. Heather’s passion is aromatherapy and in 2016 launched Moonlit Garden Aromatherapy. Heather is currently working to become a certified aromatherapist. Heather's products are available for purchase at The Changing Table and on her website. Heather also teaches essential oil safety classes at The Changing Table.

Sweet and quirky, Heather's smile will knock your socks off when she greets you at the door. Heather is all that is sparkly and fun. Not to worry, if you need advice about cloth diapers, she can sling the diaper slang with the best of them.

Heather's passions include education about essential oil safety, spending time with her son, coffee, bacon, and gaming. Ask her about Gretchen if you’ve got time to kill next time you’re in the store. Don’t be surprised if you see Heather dressed up as her favorite Star Trek character or Elvis, sometimes you just gotta cosplay.

Jennifer Roy, RN

Jennifer is the daughter of a doctor and naturally turned to medicine as her career field of choice, but parenthood and the long journey that got her there changed things significantly. As a cloth diapering mom, Jennifer has taught Cloth Diaper 101 classes for nearly 7 years and has a true passion for education. Jennifer is great at troubleshooting wash routines and has a gentleness that eases new parents worries.

Jennifer has an eye for children’s fashion and an uncanny ability to make magic happen for her children. A true believer in Santa, Jennifer surrounds herself in whimsy. As a mom of three, Jennifer spends much of her time wrangling littles and the family pups at various activities around town. If you think Pinterest moms have it all together; Jennifer takes it to an entire new level. Have family pictures or a birthday party coming up and running short on time and ideas, Jennifer just might be the gal for you.